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Day1: Nov 4, 2022 (Fri) 

Adam Voigt

Founder Real Schools & Real Learners
Speaker, Author, Mentor and Learning for Leadership & Organisational Culture


Leading From Within

In this presentation, Adam will outline how leading through your practice is a great way to position languages as a priority in schools and as a critical element of each school’s program.  We’ll explore leadership models and metaphors that enable you to speak up with school leaders about the role of languages in a contemporary school program and how to demonstrate for others the inarguable value in young people learning languages.  In the end, it’s all about planning and influence … and it’s time we planned to unleash you true potential as an educator.


Adam is a real leader who walks the talk. The resident Education Expert for Channel 10’s “The Project”, his presentations are filled with stories, messages, tools and hope developed from years of successful School Leadership as a Principal in some of Australia’s most challenging locations. Adam is a leader & speaker who has genuinely been there and done that.

Adam takes critical messages about schools, learning, culture and leadership and elevates action in the education system through is groundbreaking business, Real Schools, and to the corporate world via Real Learners.

Adam’s speaking and programs have taken him across Australia and internationally. Just some of his achievements include:

  • presenting a TED Talk at the inaugural TEDx Darwin event
  • winning his first Principal position at only 35 years of age.
  • opening a brand new Northern Territory school as it’s inaugural Principal.
  • speaking at International Conferences about developing successful school cultures in Singapore and then as far as Kazakhstan.
  • Extending his work on The Project to provide education comment on radio for 2GB and 3AW, for various television programs and also as a regular print columnist for the Herald-Sun.

Adam has a passion for empowering as many dedicated leaders and educators as possible with the tools, skills and attitudes necessary to build meaningful, productive relationships wherever they are … and for these relationships to be leveraged for a new level of learner performance and leadership potential.

Day2: Nov 5, 2022 (Sat) 

Claire Maree

Associate Professor and Reader at the Asia Institute,    University of Melbourne
Deputy Associate Dean Research (Grants), Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne


Beyond Inclusion: Facilitating LGBTQIA+ affirmative Japanese language learning

Japanese language learners are eager to explore issues of equity and discrimination around gender and sexuality as it relates to Japanese society, culture and language. Many students (and teachers) are also keen to explore the ways in which they can express their own diverse gender identities and refer to diverse families and loved ones in and through Japanese. How can we, as language professionals facilitate such learning and exploration? I suggest that integrating contemporary trends and developments into the language classroom is key to developing and maintaining safe spaces for all. This is especially relevant as recent surveys indicate that, behind COVID-19 and climate change, issues of equity and discrimination in regard to gender, sexuality and race are of key concern to Australian youth. Furthermore, surveys conducted in Japan show that public attitudes to LGBTQIA+ people have become more positive over the past decade. In this presentation, I will outline recent developments in education policy and shifts in public attitudes in Japan, before outlining some of the creative ways in which Japanese speakers navigate gendered language norms. I will also invite us to think about how we can aim to build and/or maintain learning spaces which are inclusive and affirmative of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and sex characteristics (SOGIESC).


Claire Maree’s expertise lies in the linguistic analysis of identity and mediatisation of language styles. She has taught Japanese and Japanese linguistics in Japan and Australia for over 20 years. Claire’s third monograph queerqueen: Linguistic Excess in Japanese Media (2020, OUP) illustrates how a diversity of gender identifications, sexual orientations, and discursive styles are packaged together to form a homogenous character—the queerqueen. Claire is President, International Gender and Language Association (IGALA) and Co-Coordinator, International Network of Gender, Sexuality & Japanese Language Education (INGS-Japanese). (99w)

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